Building .NET Core 3.0 With Azure Pipelines

Without giving away the keys to the castle!

My "go to" build system and package repository - MyGet - doesn't yet support building .NET Core 3.0 (or more specifically .NET Standard 2.1) projects. Having recently read about some of the features Microsoft have been adding to Azure DevOps I thought I'd see how easy (or not) it was to get a Pipeline setup to build my project and publish the package back to MyGet.

Using A Touch Overlay, In Portrait, On Raspbian Buster

Another wild google-chase in finding reliable information

This is just a short post - mostly for my own benefit - on how to use a touch-overlay, in portrait, on Raspbian Buster

Tech Adventures in Sustainability

Part I - Monitoring our solar generation

Installing solar panels and monitoring solar production not only provides immediate benefits in sustainable living but also highlights new, simple ways to change your lifestyle to further save money and energy. Here's how we do it.