Using NanoServer to create a Docker Swarm for Windows Containers

Jumping through all the hoops required to create new VMs to host windows containers can be arduous to say the least. In this post I discuss a powershell module I have written which provides the ability to quickly provision NanoServer VMs - that are immediately ready to host windows containers - in just a few steps.

Unicorn Pi Tweet Bot

An exhibit for International Women In Engineering Day

So, my partner and I - being STEM Ambassadors - were asked to prepare and present a talk about Raspberry Pis for a local university on International Women In Engineering Day. I decided to write a Twitter bot that listens for a specific hashtag and scrolls the text of the tweet across the Unicorn HAT leds.

A sentiment(al) analysis of why Red Dwarf is no longer funny

Part II - How can the same smeg happen to the same show twice?

I've recently been working on a project that required some natural language processing and came upon the Stanford CoreNLP suite of tools. Given that CoreNLP included a basic Sentiment annotator and, when writing part one of this post back in January, I had noted how much I'd like to some analysis on the transcripts of Red Dwarf, I decided the time was right for a major, and I mean major, sentiment analysis.

A sentiment(al) analysis of why Red Dwarf is no longer funny

A Jupyter [Data] Mining Core Project

Back in September, while grinding my way through season 11 of Red Dwarf, I began to wonder why it wasn't as funny as it used to be. Had the writing deteriorated? Were the actors past it? Or were these elements still as great as they used to be and it was me who had changed? I started thinking about ways this could be investigated and when I came across Project Jupyter I knew it'd be a great medium for performing this investigation.

Combining the UWP SpeechSynthesizer and AudioGraph APIs

As it seems to be a 'pop'-ular thing to do...

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing. Just this morning I was considering using the new SpeechSynthesizer capabilities of the UWP platform to add spoken language to my ToddlerBox app for Xbox. Then, I came across a post by Mike Taulty who was looking to do the same thing... but for different reasons.

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